19 Dec 2016

New York New York

Sorry for the radio silence over the last few days, I'm in New York getting swept up in the madness, rain and snow. Will have lots to share when I'm back in the homeland. 

As the last week approaches make sure you've made a list and checked it twice. Pick up any non perishable foods, order any last minute pressies. Try and do as much as you can this end of the week so you have time to relax before the big day.

12 Dec 2016

Christmas Playlist Keeping Teenagers Entertained

Help make teenagers feel involved by asking them to make a playlist with requests from everyone coming to Christmas. It's especially good if they don't know some people that well. Bit of an ice breaker and an easy talking point.

9 Dec 2016

Picture Time

Try to document your Christmas's by taking a picture of you and your guests either in front of the tree or at the dinner table each year.  I only started this 2 years ago but it's great looking back to remember each one.  There may be new relationships, new babies and sadly missed faces but the pictures still  capture great memories.  

6 Dec 2016

Liberty's Personalised Ball-balls: Great for a family gift and for those who are fancy!

These Liberty's personalised are divine.  Perfect for any foreign visitors who are into the very British thing, fancy friends or if you have to buy for a whole family and you're on a budget. You could get the family name printed on the glass.

I haven't seen them in the flesh yet but as they are from Liberty's they're bound to be good quality and beautifully wrapped. 

£15.95 each

They no longer have pictures online but you can still get them in store.