2 Nov 2016

Organising Christmas

Pen and paper at the ready! 

Treat yourself to a little pocket size pad to keep track of all your Christmas spending, or start a list on your phone. It's essential if you're like me you can never remember what you've got for everyone, if I don't write a gift idea down I'm sure to forget it.

Here's what my Christmas note book is filled with...

1. A list of people I want to buy gifts for

2. Each person has their own dedicated page on which I write gift ideas and things that I've bought for them already as well as how much the gifts were so I can keep track of my spending

3. At the bottom of each page in my 'gift' section I jot down how much I've spent on that person

4. A Christmas card list

5. To buy list for everything other than food and gifts (i.e stamps and wrapping paper)

6. Food section, in here I jot down recipe ingredients (I take a photo of the recipes) Christmas themed food bits I want to buy, like Asda's Christmas tree crumpets

7. I also write down a list of meals I need to prepare and the things I need to buy for each meal.
For example...
Uni girls Christmas dinner
Christmas Eve nibbles
Home girls Christmas cheese and wine night 
Boxing Day starter, main and dessert for Adam's family 
NYE nibbles 

The list goes on!

It's important for me to know what I'm cooking when and which recipes, otherwise I buy far too much food.

8. On the back pages I write my to do's like post cards, drop off presents to Nan etc it's so satisfying seeing the list get ticked off.


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