23 Nov 2016

Make Your Own Library Gift Set

Some young kids love organising and doing 'work',  usually before they start getting homework from school! If you need to buy for a child who loves reading and/or 'working' what about a 'Make your own library' set.

I got this idea from someone at work who was gifted library set when he was a child and he loved it. You can buy a set ready made from The Literary Gift Company (pictured below) or make your own.

It's cheap and will keep them entertained for ages stamping in and out all of their books. 

You'll need...
  • A-Z Card file
  • Lots of spare cards
  • An ink pad
  • Rubber stamp 
  • Pens and pencils
  • Labels 
  • Note pad

You could print personalised labels for the inside of their books with their name on to add a special touch. I'm going to do this at home with one of Microsoft Word's templates.

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