9 Nov 2016

Christmas Tree Lights

Sounds crazy but now is the time to check your Christmas tree lights. Last year I was gutted when I bought my tree, went to decorate it and half of my LED lights were out.  I won't make the same mistake again.Also timer plug sockets are great, means you can have your lights come on when you wake up and turn off when you leave for work. Then back on when you're home again.


LED's are great because they last forever, cheap to run and you don't have to replace bulbs. Here are 'warm white' and 'bright white' options...

Candle bulb lights

Candle bulb lights look great, they a give a more warm and cosy feeling then LED's do. However they get hot and sometimes need bulbs replacing. If one goes they can all go.  Again here they are in 'warm white' and 'bright white'

Which ever you buy get the cord to match the colour of your tree. I bought I clear cable for a green tree and it really stood out.I found this great chart which gives a good indication of how many lights you'll need for your tree.

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