16 Dec 2015

Spread The Load This Christmas - Come Dine With Me Special

I love playing hostess at Christmas and I love everything being 'just right'. I want everyone to feel welcome in my home and looked after, but it's very stressful to do. This Christmas I'm spreading the load. 

3 other couples (friends from Uni) are coming to my house for our own version of Christmas this year and instead of trying to cook and wash up after 8 adults one of the girls suggested we do something similar to 'Come Dine With Me'. Each couple will take it in turns to cook for the rest. One couple will handle breakfasts, another couple lunch and the other two dinners. 

Instead of them bringing all the ingredients they need on the train I've set up an Asda online shopping basket. Each couple can log in, add all the ingredients they need to the basket and it will all be delivered to the house the day before they all arrive. 

This really helps lessen the stress puy on one host to do it all. 

I for one can't wait!

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