8 Dec 2015

Mulled Rosé From M&S - Nice For Those Who Don't Drink Red. Fancy Liqueurs On Offer Too.

M&S are doing bottles of mulled rosé for £4.50.  It's a lot lighter then red, unusual and a thoughtful gift to bring to someone's house or put in someone's hamper who doesn't drink red. They also do a still milled cider.  

They are also doing a 6 bottles of Christmassy flavoured liqueurs in a set.

  • Cherry Brandy
  • Cassis di Dijon
  • Christmas Cake Liqueur
  • Black Forest Gateaux
  • Elderflower Luqueur
  • Christmas Cake Liquor
They have £10 off at the moment which makes them £50 for the 6.  Comes with free delivery too.  Could be a nice Christmas set for someone hard to buy for who likes a drink... Granddad!

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