2 Dec 2015

Morrisons Bakery - My Number One

Out of all the big supermarkets Morrisons' bakery is always a winner for me.  Their Chocolate Panettone is absolutely divine.  Sliced and toasted just enough to make the chocolate melt, oh my it's truly delicious.  Great to take to someones house for afternoon tea and just £2.

Another one of their great bargains is their £2 Tear and Share Christmas Tree Panettone.  It is packed with sultanas, currants, mixed peel and glacier cherries.  It's a little more dense then their Fruit Panettone but still tasty.  It's a really cheap way to make a wow centrepiece if you have people coming over.  Each tear and share piece is about the size of a scone so generous too and good for those who aren't fans of sugar loaded iced cakes.  However if you did want to sugar load it you could give it to the kids to decorate.  I'm sure they'd have fun covering it with sprinkles.

They are also doing a box of festive gingerbread men shaped like Father Christmas and Snowmen, 30 for £1 which I think is such good value too.  Morrisons definitely have the best bakery this Christmas.

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