17 Nov 2015

Alternative dinner quiz

If you have a 3 course Christmas dinner there may be some waiting time between courses, a lot of waiting time if I'm cooking! Put a pen and piece of a5 paper on everyone's place setting which can become their quiz sheet. Ask everyone at the dinner table to write down a quiz question, kids too.  If there aren't many of you get people to write 2 questions each. Tell people at the beginning of the starters then they have time to think about their questions.

During your break between main and desserts take turns to ask your quiz questions and mark each other's answers. By getting everyone at the table to write the questions you should have a real range of fun topics.

Have a silly prize or poundshop trophy for the winner.

It's a good way for everyone to feel involved and I find better then pre made quiz cards as they are often either for adults or for kids.

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