30 Nov 2015

£5 Secret Santa Present Or Stocking Filler. A Grow At Home Birth Flower.

NotTheUsual has different grow your own plant pots.  I really like these birth flower ones at £4.99 each.  They are really personal and could be a sweet secret santa gift.  You can get a grow your own Christmas tree for £3.99 which looks cute too.

29 Nov 2015

Kids pictures on pillows. Great for Mums, Dads, Nans and Granddads

This is a really sweet, personal gift.  LukeDrewThis print children's pictures onto T-shirts, bags, iPad cases, hot water bottle covers and cushions.  All £twenty-something.

27 Nov 2015

Black Friday Codes

Don't battle the Black Friday/Saturday/Sunday and Monday crowds, use these codes instead!

30% off and free delivery
No code
Friday - Monday

20% off
Friday - Monday

All Saints
30% off
Friday - Monday

20% off
Friday - Tuesday

French Connection
30% or 40% 
30FCBF or FC40B
Friday - Monday

30% off
No Code

50% off
Thursday - Friday

24 Nov 2015

Charity Christmas Cards

Sending Christmas cards is a lovely tradition I don't want to ever die out.  Whether it's old uni friends, an aunt far away or a friend in another country everyone loves to receive a Christmas card.

If you're planning on writing Christmas cards this year I recommend starting now before all the madness begins.

Buy direct from a Charity shop to make sure they get 100% of the money.  Supermarkets that sell 'Charity' cards, donate as little as 10%.

Scope always have lovely cards and of course the money goes towards a great cause.  Here are some of my favourites.

The blueish one below folds into a pyramid.  I've never seen that before.

23 Nov 2015

Alternative Advents

A great Christmas present is an early one. Why not give someone an advent calendar so they get a treat each day leading up to Christmas instead of another present to open on Christmas day.

Because not everyone likes or can have chocolate, I've made a little list of the alternative ones out there.

You can get advent calendars that you can fill yourself such as the beautiful wood one to the left from John Lewis £30.

If you're on more of a budget you can get advent pegs.  The ones to the right are from John Lewis £6.95, the Poundshop do Christmas pegs too (£1 of course!) but they aren't numbered.

Once you have the advent calendar it's time to fill it!

Here are some ideas as an alternative for chocolate...

  • Teas - you can make you're own with individually wrapped tea bags or buy a pre filled calendar. There are some really cute ones starting from £12.50 on Etsy

  • Liquorice - Good if you have boxes to fill, not so good with pegs! Holland and Barrett, Sainsburys and Ocado sell Panda liquorice, it's a natural and sweet, great for any health freaks out there (my partner!) I've bought a mixed bag so each day he gets a different flavour or shape.

  • Ginvent- the pre-made calendars can be pricey but gorgeous.  The Ginvent calendar below from GinFoundry comes in at £114.95

  • Minitures - If you can't afford the pre-made why not make you're own?  Fill a calendar with these little miniatures, you can tie them into string and add your own labels if you haven't got a calendar with big enough cupboards or pockets.  You could even do the 12 days of Christmas instead of 24 making it much more affordable. 

  • Seed Calendar - For those budding gardeners this is a really cute one from NotOnTheHighStreet for £29.99

  • Candle calendar - Yankee do a great candle advent calendar.  Debenhams have 30% off it at the moment making it £17.49, at Clintons it's £18.74 but if you sign up to their news letter you get an additional 20% off.  There are 3 different styles and all went to half price on the Yankee site but have sold out already.

  •  Bath products - again you could make your own and pick n mix with holiday mixtures (3 for 2 in Boots) or you could indulge in the Lush calendar £49.95 but the products are amazing.

  • Beauty calendars are always a winner and this Boots No7 (25 days at £38) and Benefit (12 days at £39.99) ones aren't filled with hair bands and yellow nail polish (I used to find these sort of boxes were filled with things they couldn't sell). They seem to be packed with some real treats.

Remember you can make an advent with whatever you like and if you want it just to treat yourself then wait till 2nd December ish, if there's any left they are going to be at least 25% off, most likely 50%.

22 Nov 2015

Primark Bargains

Just thought I'd share with you my little Primark bargains.

This stand up tree is really glittery, a dark rose gold colour and just £1.  Great for mantelpieces or desks at work.  It's just over a foot high.  Such good value (it's only sparkly on one side, but still - £1!).

These two little ones were £6 each, again I think they are great value.  Little knitted hats and jumpers, I think they are very cute and would be a lot more expensive elsewhere. 

19 Nov 2015

Free letter from Santa

Royal Mail offer a FREE letter from Santa service.

Ask your child to write a letter to Santa, put a first or second class stamp on the envelope and address it to….

Santa or Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

and you’ll get a free letter back from Father Christmas.  As easy as that!

18 Nov 2015

Tiger Stores Stash, Amazing Christmas Bargains

Oh my gosh I got all this in Tiger Stores for £30!

From left to right...
  • Gold wooden star shaped gift tags that will look beautiful next to plain or patterned paper - £1
  • Handheld tape dispenser with 4 rolls of coloured tape - £1 
  • Mini mushrooms that will look fab out of cakes, on Christmas trees, on presents, everywhere! - £2
  • Pack of around 15 wooden hearts with bark, great for putting tea lights on - £2
  • Mini gnome tree decorations - 2 for £1
  • Gold metal heart decorations with Angels on - 2 for £1
  • Gnome tent, perfect for 2-5 year olds. It looks wicked put up - £10
  • Cones that can be filled with treats and hung on a treat or stands - £1
  • Pack of 25 mini ball balls, sparkly ones, metallic ones, high shine ones -£1
  • Red love heart wooden gift tags - £1
  • Mini stamps with ink pad, great for on wrapping paper, gift tags and cards - £3
There are so many goodies in there this year, get down there quick before it all goes. I left it too late last year and missed the best of their Christmas bits. Great for stocking fillers and random bits. 

17 Nov 2015

Alternative dinner quiz

If you have a 3 course Christmas dinner there may be some waiting time between courses, a lot of waiting time if I'm cooking! Put a pen and piece of a5 paper on everyone's place setting which can become their quiz sheet. Ask everyone at the dinner table to write down a quiz question, kids too.  If there aren't many of you get people to write 2 questions each. Tell people at the beginning of the starters then they have time to think about their questions.

During your break between main and desserts take turns to ask your quiz questions and mark each other's answers. By getting everyone at the table to write the questions you should have a real range of fun topics.

Have a silly prize or poundshop trophy for the winner.

It's a good way for everyone to feel involved and I find better then pre made quiz cards as they are often either for adults or for kids.

16 Nov 2015

Beauty goodies that suit all, 10% off in Boots, including Benefit stocking.

Boots are doing mini Benefit stockings for £15 great if you're not sure about colours or shades for people as the fillers suit most.

You can choose 4 minis for £15, it comes in a cute stocking and if you're extra nice to the lady on the benefit counter you may get a free sample (theirs are always packaged beautifully) to put in too.

Today Boots are doing 10% off online (if you spend over £30 on beauty or fragrance), either get it today or on one of their triple points days.

12 Nov 2015

20% Office, Nike SB, Benefit, Levi and more

There's 20% off in 120 shops in Carnaby Street, London, today only, between 5-9pm. It includes...


For a full list of participating shops click here. There will be music, free drinks and Christmas vibes too.

11 Nov 2015

Got lots of kids in one family to buy for? On a budget?...

It can be pricey having to buy for lots of kids in one family.  Board games are a great sharing present, so is a chocolate fountain.

I've spotted a half price (now £15!) mini chocolate fountain in Robert Dyas.  Pair with marshmallows, biscuit pieces, (fruit if you don't have to leave it under a tree for days) bars of chocolate and skewers.  All should come in at around £20.

You won't have to worry about buying each individual child a gift and it's great for 1 child to 10!

10 Nov 2015

Christmas 2015

Hello all!

I'm back in time for Christmas and am so excited. Below are my top Christmas ads this year, making me feel all festive already.

1. Asda 
2. John Lewis  
3. Talk Talk 
4. Sky
5. Hallmark 

Please tell me any of your favourites too.

I've been scouting around for my Christmas Bargains and will be sharing them all season.

Although it's warm out I'm still dressing for the festive season. H&M have got some cute, more adult jumpers this season, but you have to head in store, they don't have them all online yet.  Matalan have gone for the cheese. There's loads more out this year, the 'must have' Christmas jumper is a growing trend and fun too. I definitely hope people get involved.