15 Dec 2014

Non Alcoholic Options For Kids And Grown-Ups

My fella doesn't really drink (alcohol) and at Christmas people tend to a fair bit! Coke, lemonade and orange juice can become a bit repetitive so I've come up with a few alternatives to serve to other T (ish) total guests, drivers, teens and kids.

When everyone's on Mulled Wine or cider you can make mulled apple juice. Cloudy apple juice works best, you can pick up really tasty bottles from farmers markets and farm shops.  In previous posts I added a recipe, dead easy, add the spices or spice sachets and leave to simmer. No need to add sugar.

Cocio chocolate milk is delicious, has 1% sweetener and 1% fat - my kind of chocolate! (Although probably has considerably more calories when I add a shot of Baileys). You can serve over ice as you would Baileys, which is great for drivers and teens. Or you can jazz up the bottle and serve with a straw for a bit of fun. I just tied a bit of red ribbon around the bottle neck and added 3 blobs of white tac to the body of the bottle to look like a snowman. Can pick it up at Asda, Tesco or Waitrose.

Mocktails are always great too.  Loads of recipes out there. You don't need to mix too many flavours for a yummy drink. Pomegranate and elderflower is a favourite of mine. Elderflower for the sweet taste, Pomegranate juice for great colour and Soda to give it a bit of sparkle. I also add a few pomegranate seeds or fresh raspberries for a fancy edge. 

There are a range of non alcoholic beers and wines available as well the fizzy grape drinks such as Shloer. Mix it up for those who don't drink this Christmas. I'm sure they'll be impressed.


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