7 Dec 2014

Gingerbread Heart German Style

The Germans know how to do Christmas. Gingerbread hearts are traditional to have in German homes, I think they look really pretty and festive. I got one in Winter Wonderland last year but it cost a bomb! Asda are doing them this year for a couple quid. Comes with icing pipped around the edge already, a red ribbon to hang it up and a little white icing pen for you to write on your own message. If kids are drawing on it, let them run wild. If you're a bit of a perfectionist I'd mark out your lettering first. I tried free styling and it all went a bit wonky. My mate Mick however scored it all out with a bamboo stick and wrote over the top. Was a great tip, much easier. Added some edible glitter to the holly and the stars, think this really set it off.

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