2 Nov 2014

WHSmiths Best Buys - Up to 75% off books (inc Jamie Oliver's new Comfort Food) and up to Half Price on all Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas Cards, wrapping accessories

WHSmiths have such good deals on at the moment. So many books up to 75% off. Now is a good time to go, I have no idea when it ends! I'd recommend...

Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food - £5
Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food - £15
Guinness Book Of Records is a great one for kids - £10
Great British Bake Off ones from £5.

Check out WHSmith for a full list of available titles.

They also have UP TO half price on Christmas wrapping, cards and accessories. Most wrapping is half price it's the accessories you need to check to be sure.

Smith's paper isn't the cheapest, but it is good quality, their 'Luxury' range (snowflake one was from that) half price was £2.24 for 2 metres but really glittery and thick (not too thick to stick). LOVE this paper.

The tartan stag on was £1.74 for 3 meters, not as thick but certainly doesn't feel cheap. Good for Scottish rellies when done with a big bow.
What I do love about Smith's paper is the guidelines on the back. Really good helping you keep straight.

Jamie's newest book Comfort Food was half price at £15. Great for anyone!

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