11 Nov 2014

Reindeer Food

Reindeer food!
Yes companies sell that. Wanna keep the kids entertained on Christmas Eve? Why not get them to make some themselves?  The beauty of it? You can make up the ingredients.

I'd get an old jar, put a recipe inside and a label around the top.

Write the recipe on fancy paper, or tea stained paper if you don't have any fancy stuff (just rub a damp tea bag over a normal white sheet of paper and leave to dry). Look in your kitchen cupboards and make up a recipe as you go, here's some ideas....

1 spoon of porridge oats
1 spoon of sugar
1 spoon of cornflakes
1 spoon of flour
5 grapes 
5 nuts
2 spoons of milk 

Screw the lid on and shake!

Will cost you next to nothing and keep the kids entertained.

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