26 Nov 2014

Oh My Macaron! The Most Delicious Macarons - L'orchidee

I love a good Macaron and oh my I think I've found my new favourite place for them.  I thought Laduree was the best but I tried one from L'orchidee at the Taste Of London Winter event and I think Laduree have some serious competition. 

They have a real mix of flavours, I had the Watermelon and it was unbelievably good.  They have the usual flavours: Vanilla, Pistachio, Rose etc but they also had ones I've never seen Macarons in before: Watermelon, Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate, Creme Brûlée.

If you're struggling what to buy someone who has everything a box of these would be great.  A bit unusual and packaged really well.  I don't think their website has been updated in a while because hardly any of the flavours were on there and the packaging at the event was different to what's shown on the site.

They deliver and sell mainly from both Westfield shopping centres in London.

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