11 Nov 2014

My Christmas Hamper Grows!

It's getting a bit out of control now! But I've got some great goodies to add to it.

Asda is killing it with the deals at the moment. The tins of Roses, Heros, Quality Streets and Celebrations are back on at £4, this is the cheapest I've seen them so get them while they're £4 and treat yourself to a Terry's Chocolate orange with the £1 you've saved.  Could stock up on chocolate oranges and mix them in with satsumas/clementines as stocking fillers (I love doing that). 

They're doing bottles of Mulled Wine for £2.50 (8% alcohol). These are great if you've got lots of people coming round and you don't want to spend time in the kitchen making fresh batches. I added slices of orange (back of the bottle suggests them as an addition) and it was really tasty. Good for those who don't usually drink red wine as it's quite fruity.  I'm definitely going to get some more. Adam and I have drunk a bottle within the hour!

Their 'Extra Special' mince pies are 2 for £3 at the moment. I've got some puff pastry ones, not seen those before, I like the idea, nice alternative to shortcrust. The pack recommends heating them up, I think I will and I'll serve those with cream and the short crust ones with custard.  The star cut outs on the short crust ones look really pretty, I added a touch of edible glitter to give them some sparkle.

I think kids will love a giant chocolate coin. Great if you've got a toddler and a 4+ year old to buy for.  You can give the toddler a little bag of chocolate coins (if that's safe?!) and the 4+ a giant coin.  I can imagine they would feel very special. 

Love the Strawberry Candy Canes! They actually taste like strawberry too! (the 'fruit' options I've tried just seem to taste like sugar'. These are really cute, quite mini and they come with little strings to hang on the tree. For £2 you get a lot in there (a couple more then pictured), they also do the traditional peppermint larger ones too for a quid.

The Cool Chocolate Santa made me laugh, Santa with a mobile phone and sunglasses why not? This one was £3 they have other more traditional options starting at £1 (snowman and santa without glasses pack looks cute).

Will keep you all updated with any other Asda goodies I find. It's certainly beginning to taste a lot like Christmas!

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  1. 8% is pretty good for a pre-mulled wine!

    How do you wait until Christmas to eat all this stuff?! It looks so good I know I won't be able to wait...


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