4 Nov 2014

Mulled Wine - Spice Sachets V's Home Made Spices

Whenever I make Mulled Wine I have a chuck it all in and hope for the best method, which normally works out well, except for using cinnamon powder, never learnt quite how little you need, now I stick to cinnamon sticks.

I decided to do a taste test to compare Schwartz's Mulled Wine sachets to my own home made brew.

For Schwartz's method you need...

1 bottle of red
2 Mulled Wine sachets
Brown Sugar

For mine you need...

Bottle of red
Cinnamon sticks
Nutmeg to grate
Orange juice

And do you know what? They both came up trumps! I did the Nan and Boyfriend test and they agreed too. Yes if you have cloves and nutmeg (star anise - skipped that, didn't have any) then great make your own and it will taste delicious, but if you don't the Schwart's sachets are a great option. They taste great and as long as you stick a cinnamon stick and a couple slices of orange in it no one will know you didn't knock it up from proper scratch.

It's Christmas we're all short on time, if you haven't got it all in the cupboard, for a quid or so get the sachets.

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