13 Nov 2014

Men, Women And Teenage Boys, Maybe Teenage Girls Too, Basically Anyone Who Wants To Work Out And Exercise Doing The Dreaded 'Pull Ups'

I personally couldn't think of anything worse then doing pull ups, but Adam (my fella) who's a bit of a fitness fanatic loves this piece of equipment and I love it to because it's a pull up bar that doesn't damage my walls and can be removed in 1 second!

The pictures don't really show it well, maybe check it out on this YouTube link (a guy giving it a full review), you literally just hook this between any door frame (it fits to most widths) and start pulling up.  Some clever designer has made it not need any screws, bolts or nails to hold it up there. It's a weight transference trick.

Cheapest I've seen this Iron Gym one is on Amazon for £10

Pull ups are quite hard though so make sure if you get it for someone that they could make a good attempt at one first!

 P.S That isn't my Adam in the picture!

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