8 Nov 2014

Great Makeup Sets For Teens New To Make Up Or For Those Who Want A Beautiful Natural Look

If you have/know a teen who wants to start wearing makeup but you're worried where to begin I'd recommend the bare minerals starter set.
Out of all the foundations I've tried (a lot) this looks the most natural and isn't heavy at all. It comes with a DVD teaching you how to apply it and you have control of how much/little you want to use. You need to learn the knack at first but you want get orange foundation lines. It blends really naturally with skin and for teens who are starting out or if you want a really natural looking coverage it's a really great set.

The Get Started Complexion Kit comes in 4 colour sets: light, medium, tan and dark. Each set has two shades of foundation so you can work what's right for you. I used the lighter in the day and the darker in the evening.

The Get Started Customise Kit allows you to choose a larger single pot of foundation from a larger colour range and you can choose from 3 different finishes: original, matte or ready (ask the staff to recommend the right one for your/your giftee's Skin.

Each set has a...

Mineral veil (finishing powder)
Warm all over face colour (bit like a bronzer)
Foundation brush
Bronzer (ish) brush
Concealer brush
How to DVD

Sets are around £50 but Bare Minerals offer 10% off your first order and free delivery. Can find online at Feel Unique for £39.50.

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