20 Nov 2014

Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Cup Upcycling! Re-use Your Cups To Make An Office Advent Calendar Or Present Cracker!

I love grabbing a coffee on my way to the office, out of all the take away iced coffees I've tried I really like the Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE range. Really milky and smooth. I contacted them to share my love and they set me a challenge... Could I make something Christmassy with the cups? Up-Cycling - I like that, can I? Well I gave it a good bloody go!

I wanted to create something you could make quickly and easily just using what you could find in your work's stationary cupboard. Something that would be good to have in an office and I came up with an advent calendar!

To make it you will need
Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE (24 if you're doing the whole month)
Sticky labels
Parcel string
Sweets, Chocolate or Miniatures 

1. Rinse the cups. You can take the Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE labels off if you want, they peel off really easily, I stripped them off half the cups and left the other half with them on to add a bit of colour. I thought the deer looked cute!

2. Write out a sticky name label for everyone in your office and number them.

3. Wack one label on each cup.

4. Lay the string out and line up the cups. Leave about 15 inches of excess string (for when you tie it up) and then start attaching the first cup the string. Staple the string on one side of the first cup, run it around the back of the cup, then staple the string to the other side of the cup.

5. Leave a 3-4 inch gap then start stapling the next cup on. Keep going till you've stapled all the cups along the string, then leave another 15 inches of excess string at this end too.

6. Fill all your cups with sweets, chocolate or miniatures, pop the lids on and hang up.

Volia an office advent calander!

A Present Cracker!

I also thought of a great way of using the cups for wrapping awkward shaped or lots of little presents.

For this you'll need...

2 Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE cups
Cracker snap - optional (use if you want the 'snap' sound effect)
Tissue Paper

1. Rinse your cups and check what you want to put inside actually fits.

2. Put the cups next to each other. Next to the center of the cracker snap (light brown in my pic) make a bend in the snap cardboard (dark brown in my pic) and tape one end of it inside one of the cups, then bend the other end inside the second cup and stick down. Keep your cups close together to minimise the gap.

3. Fill the cups with your present/presents.

4. Close the two cups together and wrap sellotape around the join - not too much, just enough to hold them together until the 'pull' moment.

5. Fold a sheet of tissue paper in half, wrap lengthways around the cups and secure the join with a small amount of sellotape, don't seal then ends (by the bottoms of the cups), these need to be open for the cracker effect. Repeat with another sheet of tissue paper.

6. Pinch and gather the tissue paper together just past the bottom of the cup ends and tie ribbon around it to secure. Add a few different colour ribbons if you like to make  it look pretty.

Then there you have it, a present cracker!

Happy Crafting! 


  1. These look so cute! I love the advent calender idea. And the cups give a great cracker shape too.

    Lisa xo | otweek.blogspot.co.uk

  2. You could play a version of Beer Pong at the office party, with the Latte cups for people who are driving :@)


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