14 Nov 2014

Country Living Christmas Fair, Great Gift Finds And Homewares

Wow my first Country Living Fair! I am knackered but it was worth it.  I didn't expect to want to buy so much!  It was big, really big.  So many beautiful stalls I wish I could write about them all, but as there were over 400 it would take me a long time!

It was really great to see so many wonderful stockists under one roof.  Lots of original gifts.  If you have the money go and buy everything! I was actually pleasantly surprised to see how affordable the gifts and home-wares were, if I could have I would have bought so much more.

I loved there were a lot of small, British and family run companies.  I was a great place to find lots of original gifts and beautiful things for around your home.

There were a lot of boozy tasters. Mason's gin served with orange rind and tonic was pretty tasty but I really liked and couldn't resist the Kentish Tipple, I bought the Raspberry Vodka to put with Champagne or Prosecco on Christmas day.  Their Blackberry Brandy was also delicious, I could have been standing sampling all day.  I think these would be really great in a Christmas hamper. There were a couple other liquors I would have liked to fill my booze cabinet with but my bag was getting heavy! Lanique was also delicious, a rose flavoured liqueur, not too sweet or strong tasting (but was 37%). They were serving it straight with ice and lime, which was lovely, I'd add soda too as a tasty refresher.  Think this is going to go onto my list of 'Things to buy people who have everything'.

I picked up some beautiful homemade cards from a couple stalls, www.ros-shiers.com had some beautiful prints and wrapping paper too. I picked up a sheet with woodland animals on.  It was really thick and I think will look great with some bright red ribbon.  £2.50 a sheet, so I only got one but I can mix it in with some cheaper plain red paper to make the whole pile look more premium.

I also bought some Cullisse Highland Rapeseed Oil Pepper Marinade, another British made product and family run business.  It tasted great. Adam is really into health and nutrition and I know I've heard him mentioning rapeseed oil before so I thought it would be a good stocking filler for him (£3) and a sneaky present for me too!

Thinkgadgets is where I got these beautiful mistletoe fairy lights from £14 and they seem really good quality, I liked that the wire came wrapped too.

One of favourite stalls had to be The English Stamp. They had some fabulous ideas for stamping and embossing.  It looked so easy (because it is!) but the results look such high quality.  They have rubber stamps (bespoke ones too), fabulous ink pads and glitters.  They'll be great for sealing envelopes, stamping Christmas cards and using on any plain wrapping or gift bags.  The small stamps start at £4 and the ink at £1.75.  I'm going to do a separate post on these when I'm doing some wrapping so I can show you how fab they are.  They were a lovely bunch of people and do free delivery over £15.  If you're thinking going for brown parcel paper and luggage tags as your wrapping theme this year, definitely get one of their stamps.  It literally transforms the paper.

I could have easily bought a lot more.  Blue Fish and Bro were a Tunisian based company who had some beautiful copper decorations and eco-friendly traditional towels which would be great so anyone you know who likes a lot of beach holidays.  They are really absorbent and soft but lightweight too.

Diddywear had some sheepskin teddies which I thought were great for babies who had everything.  Really soft and natural.

Silverdashery had some stunning jewellery for those who love haberdashery.  In the picture you can just about see the mini knitting needles and wool necklace as well as the pretty little bobbin one.  She also makes tape measure bangles.  All gorgeous and a lovely lady who makes them.

For anyone likes cooking or baking PinnyPockets could be a Christmas winner!  They're a new company (Husband and Wife) who sell aprons which have velcro patches on the front which allow you to remove and re-attach oven gloves.  Really handy idea at £22 a set I thought it was pretty good value too.

There were so many other beautiful stalls. It was really worth going to. I will definitely be going again next year!


  1. Wow! What a fun time! I just saw some of those tiny booze bottles in my grocery store. I bought a few for stocking stuffers. Our first festival for Christmas in my area is on Saturday! I cannot wait!

  2. It looks like you got some real goodies. The little crafty jewellery looks so cute and I love the idea of mistletoe fairy lights. Very cute.

    Lisa xo | otweek.blogspot.co.uk


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