16 Nov 2014

Christmas Cards - Make Your Own Charity Cards Or Make Sure 100% Of The Profit Goes To Charity.

If you're buying charity Christmas cards (please do!) make sure you check the back of the pack to see what percent of the profit goes to charity.  Some can be as little as 10p a pack.  If you buy them directly from a charity shop normally 100% of the profit goes back to them so I'd start looking for cards there first.

Last year I wanted to make my own Christmas cards but I felt bad for not having charity ones. I looked around and found The National Brain Appeal sold sheets of stickers that I could stick on the back of my homemade cards and seal the envelopes with, and 100% of the profit went straight to them. Problem solved!

I don't want Christmas cards to get out-dated. I send them every year to old friends from Uni and relatives who are far away. I really appreciate getting them, I hope others do too! It's a great way to incorporate charity to Christmas too.

If you feel like you never have time to write them, why not do them on the bus or the train on your commute? Or whilst watching a bit of hang over TV on a Sunday?

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