21 Oct 2014

Sock Drawer! Great Dad present!

What the hell do you get your Dad for Christmas? Every year I struggle with this.  One of my 4 sisters always comes up with a great idea leaving me like 'Damn why didn't I think of that'.  This year one of them (Robyn) has done it again.

She's gonna get Dad an entire new sock drawer, so on Christmas day he can throw out every single pair he currently owns, as I don't think I've seen him wear a pair without holes...ever.  (If you do this don't bin the socks, keep them as polish cloths, they are the best thing I've used.  Dusters and kitchen roll leave fluff behind, old washed and washed and washed socks don't - trust me. If you have enough polish cloths donate them and any clothes that are too knackered for charity to clothes recycling).

You can make someone's new sock drawer as pricey as you like.  Why not fill it with some...

Everyday Next ones
Nice dress occasion M&S ones
Funny Christmas ones
Walking ones
Welly boot ones
Fluffy slipper ones
Trainer ones
Cashmere ones
Fancy Paul Smith ones

Who knew there were so many different types of socks!  You could lay them all out in a large shoe box to look like a sock drawer, maybe even throw in some draw lining paper too? Or a little home made lavender bag?

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  1. Great idea.... think this would work well for mums too


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