14 Oct 2014

Kids Chocolate Christmas Scene

For kids at Easter I've started to buy the small chocolate shaped animals instead of one big egg.
  1. They can play with the little figures before they eat them.
  2. They don't eat a whole egg at once, parents can ekk the chocolate out a bit.
This Christmas there's loads of these little figures about

Why not put a few of these together with some pens and paper and get the kids to draw a Christmasy scene to play with them on.

There's loads of different types but shop around, randomly I often find Superdrug has the cheapest.

I saw this on idea on Pintrest and I thought it looked great.  I might make a Santa sledge to go with my Christmas scene.

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  1. Hi,

    Marks and Spencer have really cool small net bags filled with chocolate balls covered with brussle sprout design foil. They were much more unusual then the standard chocolate coins. They were only about £1 - £1.50 depending on the deals available. They will on my christmas list.

    I normally find M+S too expensive but in the last couple of years there small novalty chocolate items were really good value for money and could rivel a lot of the other high street stores.


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