31 Oct 2014

Keep Kids Entertained At The Table - Roll of drawing paper or brown paper

I saw this idea on Pinterest by Simply Sweet Soirees and thought it was such a good idea to keep kids entertained whilst at the dinner table.  It also makes them feel more special about sitting away from the adults.  Below is Simply Sweet Soirees beautiful example.  Ikea sell a roll (30m) of kids drawing paper for £3, you could also use brown paper, reverse side of old excess wall paper or wall paper liner.

Put lots of pens of the table and let the kids get creative.  Could set them tasks e.g draw your favourite dinner, decorate your cracker hat or put cheap clay on the table and ask them to mould something.  Doesn't matter about the mess simply tear off and recycle!

Last year I put a finger puppet in each of the kids crackers. They named their puppets and made up stories with them.  These are just 80p each from Ikea.


  1. Brilliant idea - You could also use a roll of cheap lining or old wallpaper x Could you also post me some up ideas to keep Big kids entertained?

  2. Love this idea. It would be great as a keepsake from a dinner party if everyone signed it and it didn't get too messy! x

  3. Hhhhhmmmm big kids, table quiz's can be good fun. You get get ready made table top trivia if you don't want to make you're own. Will get back to you on other more creative ideas soon. Will have to investigate, struggling to think of one that doesn't involve too much interruption to dinner x


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