15 Oct 2014

Homemade Sweet Shop - Really Cheap!

Great for kids and much cheaper if you do it yourself.  Get some small jars (4 for £1.50 in Ikea). Fill with colourful sweets, different shapes work well, the 3 for £1 packs you get it supermarkets are great, flumps are always a hit, but you need a bigger jar for those. Get some sticky labels for the top of the jars and write on some prices (2p, 5p etc). You can get a cool play till from the early learning centre, but they're not cheap. Poundshop used to do fake money but no till. If you put all this in a shoe box the kid can unpack everything, turn the box upside down and put jars on the top of the box, on the top of the lid and on the table top. 3 different heights perfect for a pretend shop. I made this for my little sister a few years ago and she absolutely loved it. It cost me no more then a tenner (she already had a till). Always good to give them the left over sweets for their re-stocking. I couldn't find scoops sold separately so I got some tongs used for ice buckets instead and they work great.

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