14 Oct 2014

Hobby Boxes

Hobby boxes are really sweet and thoughtful gifts and they don't have to cost a bomb.  You can fill a plastic storage box with lots of goodies related to a hobby.   John Lewis  have a lot of starter kits if you haven't got the time to make one yourself but if you have here's some ideas I've tried...

Baking Box

When I made one of these for Steph I went to the poundshop and filled it with Jane Asher
 baking goods: tins, whisk, bowl, cake cakes, baking paper etc. They do a range of colours and the quality is good. Wooden spoons from Wilko (35p ish!). A timer (Wilkos too but there's loads of fun ones around). A recipe book, I got mine in TK Maxx.  It's a really sweet thoughtful gift for beginner bakers or new home owners.

Painting BoxI made one of these for my friend Jo and she loved it.  I got a sketch pad in TK Maxx (randomly!), some oil paints and pencils from a local art shop (smaller local shops should be better at advising you about different brands and types of paint, you pay more for it but I like to go to smaller chains if I can).  I also got a rubber and pencil sharpener to bulk it out a bit!

Knitting box
I made a knitting box for my friend Lisa, I got the needles from an online craft shop, the wool from a local sewing shop (it was good to go in a feel what types of wool there were) and a knitting bag from paperchase which was really cute. Oh and most importantly a how to book from the sewing shop, the ladies were good at advising me which was the most basic.

Sewing Box
Hatty loves making fancy dress costumes so for her birthday a couple of us chipped in to get her the ultimate sewing kit. We went to House Of Fraser and got some great odd buttons and ribbons lengths, they were dead cheap. They had a sale on so we got her a sewing box from here to, but was only big enough to fill the needles and threads in (I don' think all House Of Frasers have a sewing section but all John Lewis's do).  If you're getting this for someone who really wants to get into sewing it's better to go for a tool box. It's not as pretty but definitely practical, lots of little compartments. We went to John Lewis too and got some beautiful off-cuts. If you have a little more to spend I'd go in and around Soho, they have the most amazing fabric and button shops everywhere. Email me if you want more specific details.

Kids Crafting Box
For kids you could do a crafting box. Head to early learning center to stock up on cheap glue and paint then Wilko for bobbles, pipe cleaners, shiny papers etc they have a great range and really reasonable. 

Gym one/yoga 
Not done this one but you could fill this box with a cool water bottle, mini shower kit (shampoo, body wash etc). Maybe a workout mat, a workout cd, workout DVD, a stop watch for gym fanatics. My boyfriend recommends the gym boss one and he loves Mark Lauren's 'You Are Your Own Gym exercise book. It's like his workout bible. He says it's the best thing I've bought him, I think it was about £12 amazon. 

I think these are really lovely gifts to give and receive, you could do lots of different hobbies.

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