12 Oct 2014

Gift ideas - Homemade flavoured sugars, so easy! Hobbycraft and Tiger Stores ribbon and hole punches.

Today I went to Hobbycraft to see what Christmas ideas they had.  They have lots of ball balls you can fill yourself (pack of six £3), or ones you can paper mâché (starting 50p) great if you've got the time or kids to entertain. They also had some ones you could paint.  I picked up their Christmas catalogue and saw a cool gift idea.

Find a recipe for cookies flap jacks or brownies etc, measure out the dry ingredients and put them into a jar in layers (see right).  Decorate the jars with ribbons, bells, bows and stickers.   They look really cute and would be great for kids if you're staying somewhere for a few days, will help keep them busy.

Sugars would also be great in these jars. My favorites are vanilla sugar and cinnamon sugar. Vanilla sugar is great sprinkled onto berries, in cakes and in coffee. Cinnamon sugar is great on pancakes, in cookies and in coffee too.

All you need to do is get some caster sugar (you can use any but I prefer caster). For vanilla sugar you'll need 1 vanilla pod for each 225grams of sugar (doesn't need to be exact). Spilt the pod open, running your knife along it lengthways. Put half the sugar in the jar, add the vanilla pod and contents, then add the rest of the sugar.  Shake shake shake, leave for about 2 weeks to fully infuse.

For the cinnamon sugar, for every 100grams of sugar you need 2 tablespoons of cinnamon.  Mix the sugar and cinnamon and shake shake shake.  Great if you can tie some cinnamon sticks to the tag too.

These work great in hampers or as table presents.

The picture above shows some nice label designs. I've included the prices. Checked these in comparison to Ebay and Hobbycraft seems really reasonable, especially the ribbon.

Tiger Stores is a great place to find cheap ribbon and luggage labels too.  Their Christmas range isn't in store yet but can get some lovely satin ribbon 15m (£1!) Curling Ribbon (£1) and the must have - shaped hole punches (£1) I have a star and heart, I'm hoping the Christmas ones will come out soon.  I did buy a snowflake one on ebay today. There weren't many sellers who had them for £1.  Will let you know what they're like.


  1. Just seen Jamie Oliver recommend doing mint sugar on his show 'Money Saving Meals'

  2. I was going to make some hand make gifts with some people with multi disabilities. I was thinking about making some bath salts using the dried lavender flower heads that we have in the garden. Using the same sort of tecnique as above. I will let you know how I get on.


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