15 Oct 2014

Experiences as gifts

Wowcher/voucher e-mails can be really when they bombard your inbox everyday but if you're thinking of getting someone an experience for Christmas it might be good to sign up now. Assign it to your work email, so when your bored of reading work stuff it's like a little treat!

It's not all weekends away, you can get half price afternoon tea, 2 for 1 in restaurants, cheap tickets for shows etc.  It's great to get something like this for people you don't see that often, go with them to share the experience.  If you need to put in some Nan time get on wowcher. My Nan always prefers doing something with us then getting a gift.

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  1. My little sisters have everything they need so every year instead of toys I take them and my daughter on a trip to the theatre. It is a really nice thing to do. We go into London they spend the day doing somthing of there choice, such as getting a small amount of M+M from M+M world then lunch so over all it is not a cheap trip by the time you add everything up but if you try to buy the tickets at last minuete.com in advance you can get some really good deals. It is worth it as it has now become a family tradition that we all look forward to!


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