14 Oct 2014

Christmas Treats

I like to start a Christmas treat box early so I don't miss out on any deals.  It probably means I end up eating more treats but hey it's Christmas.

I put them in a Hamper basket because I can hide it away when I'm feeling good and bring it out when I'm feeling naughty.  It looks great when you have people over, cracking out a big treasure chest of treats then going hunting around in carrier bags.  Don't pay more then you need to. Big tins of Roses, Celebrations and Quality Street are a must, most places sell them for a fiver and call it a deal.  Some weeks Tesco Asda have dropped them to £4, wait till then to get them and buy yourself a Terry's Chocolate Orange to reward your bargain hunting skills, make sure you don't pay more then a pound for it though!  Below are the cheapest deals I've found

So far I have...

  • Christmas Tree Shaped Tortillas! (£1 Sainsburys)
  • Twiglets (£1 petrol Station)
  • Christmas tree shaped mini cheddars (£1 petrol station)
  • Matchmakers - orange and mint (2 for £2 Sainsburys)
  • Christmas shaped animal biscuits (£1 petrol station
  • Cadburys chocolate fingers - Large pack - (Poundshop)
  • Terry's Chocolate Oranges (Poundshop)
  • Turnocks teacakes - (£1 - Tesco)
  • Tins of chocolate (£4 Asda)

I'll update you as my treat box doubles/triples in size!

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