13 Oct 2014

Christmas Eve Box

I love this idea, I saw on Pintrest. A Christmas Eve goodie box! You fill a shoe box (or something similar) with lots of little treats and give it to someone on Christmas Eve. Probably good for kids and teenagers, as I think the older you get the more you have to do on Christmas Eve, no time for snuggling and movies, or like me you've done it all and are out getting far too merry for the inevitable 6am Christmas Day start.  I think I'm going to make these for my 14 and 11 yr old sisters this year. Secretly hoping my boyfriend will read this and make one for me too... Packed with paracetamol.

Here's some ideas I've had....

  • Pj's - a must
  • Hot chocolate 
  • Marshmallows
  • Christmas Movie 
  • Popcorn 
  • Book
  • Fluffy socks - I think the Primark ones are great (£2 for 2pairs) but if you can splash out Joules do great knee length ones - ultra warm (£7.95)
  • Slippers 
  • Lavender pillow spray - even adults get too excited to sleep at Christmas. Boots and M&S do some, not tried them though.
  • Fresh tooth brush - random I know but may slightly tempt kids towards bed. Who doesn't like a new tooth brush.
  • Reindeer food - Companies can rip you off for that. Seriously they sell it. Will do a separate post on how to make your own.
  • Bath bomb - Lush do some amazing ones which will make the whole package smell amazing.
If you have any more ideas please comment.  I'd do the parcel up in a shoe box covered in wrapping paper.  Chuck in some tissue to bulk it out, some sequins to jazz it up, then cover the whole thing in cellophane (Tiger  do 5m for £1).  Put a big bow on. Beautiful.   

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