15 Oct 2014

Chocolate Box

I never know what to get my Granddad, but last year I got him a present he loved. He's got a massive sweet tooth so I got him different flavoured chocolate bars and put them all in a nice box. Green and blacks do a tasting box, it's on deal for a tenner at the moment in Sainsburys. Can get fancy ones from Selfridges or Liberty's and mix it up with some cheaper options (Lindt flavoured bars are often on deal in supermarkets). Greenwich market have a great selection, really good if you're doing up a hamper. If you are in Greenwich market though you HAVE to get a Churrio, half and half (chocolate and dolce lech - I've probably spelt that wrong!). They are literally AMAZING, a fresh, hot, deep fried, sugar and cinnamon covered donut. No matter how full you are, get one, you will not regret it.

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