19 Oct 2014

Chilli Tequila

Much better when not 3 yrs old!
Great for booze hounds and for those who like a challenge.  If you're struggling to get a gift for a drinker or a uni student, this is a winner! My fella and I had it in a Mexican restaurant, he loved it, I hated it - with a passion.  It was so hot!

I asked the guy if we could buy a bottle, it was his home brew so we couldn't but he did teach us how to make it...

You need a chillies, tequila and bottle with an air tight lock - check the picture, not sure what it's called!  I got mine from M&S for about £2.50. It was filled with pink lemonade, drank the lemonade and soaked it in warm water with fairy to get the labels off and then refilled.

(The picture is of my nearly 3 year old tequila, the chillies looked fresher before! Each year we added new chillies and tequila, but it's so lethal now and looks a bit minging - time for the bin).

  1. Get some long skinny chillies in different colours, need to be skinny enough to get through the bottle neck.  How many you put it depends on how hot you want it.  I think I started with 4-5.
  2. Score the chillies length ways, don't tear them to shreads just lightly.  
  3. Push the chillies in the bottle gently.
  4. Fill with tequila.  Leave for about 2 weeks to get all the hot chilliness out. 
Job done!

Cheapest tequila I've found it at Tesco. Oh and you need to keep the tequila topped up covering the chillies, otherwise it will do what ours has done in the picture.

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