18 Oct 2014

Aldi Bargin Buys - My hamper full of Christmas treats grows!

Went to Aldi's for the first time today to see what Christmas treats I could find for my hamper.  Unless you're after lots of branded goods they have some really good deals.  They don't have a lot of Christmas bits in yet, but apparently will get more and more each week.  I picked these up to add to my hamper...

  • Popcorn - 85p
  • Cheese straws - 86p
  • Turnocks tea cakes - 87p (even cheaper then I'd seen previously)
  • Chocolate coins - 50p
  • Nut and raisin selection - 56p!!!


  1. I find that M+S novalty tinned biscuits really good for taking with you on family visits. Last year they had weekly offers to the run up to christmas where a selected tin were half price. I found myself making weekly trips to M+S to pick up these offers. They were also really good to keep in the cuboard as a extra gift last minute, which always comes in handy. I had a musical christmas tree from last year which after the biscuits were gone I used it to store delicate chrictmas items in when i packed the christmas decorations away in the loft.

  2. I got the musical Christmas tree biscuit tin too! They have another design in this year, but I haven't seen it on deal yet. I'll be sure to post when I do! Great storage idea too, I'll keep that in mind when I'm packing mine away. Thanks littlezoe.


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